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School garden and oh yeah, school food, peeps,

Take a look at last Saturday’s dinner. Huge thanks to the whole team and photographer David Kiang:

Nice, right? Look what school food could be.

Today is my last teaching day with the kids at Muir Ranch for 2012-13. My classes ended yesterday, but someone got suckered into a teacher’s luncheon for this afternoon. For student catering manager Z it’s her THIRD event in nearly a week and I’m truly amazed at her talent, vision and resilience. Sometimes it’s a total privilege to be a teacher. For those of you who are educators you know how hard it is to say that this time of year. So know I don’t speak lightly.

If you’ve been thinking about coming and seeing us in action, show up this AM from 8-1 and see some magic. Our student catering manager, Z, the student team, and chef Ernest Miller, need to serve 40. More mouths will show up. Lord knows we have food. Someone has to “cook” it.

Bring your apron. Bring your smile. It’s all hands on deck as we approach a taco bar and handmade ice cream adventure (OK, don’t let me write the menus). Check in at the volunteer office and head back to the ranch. We’ll be there.

I’m also really wondering what our catering program will evolve into, so let this opportunity serve the purpose of asking these questions.

1. What can school lunch be?
2. What kind of jobs can we create at Muir Ranch for students and mentors in food service and event catering?
3. How does the catering program support and be supported by the farm and CSA social enterprises at Muir Ranch (yeah, vertical integration, blah, blah, blah)?
4. Who is the crazy person with vision and balance that can create a program to do this on $1000/month just like the CSA while we figure it out???



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