Muir Ranch

John Muir High School

The Power of Community

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We here at Muir Ranch are thrilled to be working with dedicated community members like you to create something special: a movement toward healthy, sustainable living that begins with what is served on our plates. Our CSA subscribers (yes, you!) are constantly demonstrating what a thoughtful and generous community we have.

What comes immediately to mind are the recent visits from our Wishlist Fairies, CSA subscribers just like you who took note of our online wishlist and were spurred to action. Meredith read that we like to keep a stockpile of jackets and work shirts for our students to use when they are tending the garden. So one evening she showed up at distribution with a stack of warm coats. Meredith has since returned with even more jackets for our students to use on cold days. And a few weeks ago, Laural saw that we wanted some baskets in order to allow our students to display each week’s produce more artistically. So she arrived at distribution with at least ten beautiful wicker baskets of all shapes and sizes. You have probably admired them in recent weeks at the CSA distributions.

Donor and Recipient

Carlos and our Wishlist Fairy, Meredith, who is modeling one of the shirts she donated to Muir Ranch.

These generous donations are not the only thing that keeps Muir Ranch going strong. We owe thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support of this groundbreaking program. Not only do you contribute to our students’ education and provide them with unique employment opportunities, but you also take the time to visit and share your recipes with us and your fellow CSA subscribers. So thank you for your investment in this growing community. We are lucky to have you.

Here’s to you!


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