Muir Ranch

John Muir High School

Student Voices

Our students greatly benefit from the hands-on learning opportunities that Muir Ranch provides. Here you will find testimonials from our students, explaining what Muir Ranch means to them.


“The best thing I like about Muir is their economics because they have great standards.”


“What I like best about working in the Muir Ranch is learning about all the plants. When I first started working in the garden I didn’t know a lot about vegetables at all. I also like learning how to grow healthy foods and what helps the plants grow in the garden. I like how working in the garden is science as well because I like learning science and doing experiments.”


“I have learned how to eat vegetables…how to plant, and how to arrange flowers.”


“My experience here at John Muir garden has been such a wonderful experience. We have learned so much here, from hard work ethics and the names and uses of different tools, to the study of how plants develop and how to maintain them. We also learned different names of different types of vegetation. Overall I have to say that my experience here has been the best and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn gardening.”


“I’m a senior at John Muir High School. I became enrolled into Gardening because I hated Robotics and it was my only other option. And while I wasn’t thrilled about it, I’m now glad I ended up here. I’ve met wonderful people and became acquainted with a different side of my high school community. Being part of this program has made me feel so proud as to what I know this small place can accomplish every week. I’m happy knowing that I play a minute part in the ever greater things this garden will accomplish.”