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Red Torpedo Onions

Who knew tubers could be so dangerous?

Fire the torpedos!!!

Fire the torpedoes!!!

The long onions we have been including in your CSA shares of late have been referred to interchangeably as “green onions” and “tuber onions.” Well, we owe you an apology for the misinformation. They are actually a distinct variety known as “red torpedo onions.” This heirloom variety originated in Italy and remains popular throughout the Mediterranean region. They are now grown for specialty markets in similar climates, such as southern California.

Those of you who have been brave enough to try these onions have probably noticed that they are both sweet and slightly pungent. However, they are usually mild enough that they can be eaten raw. And like most onions, their sweetness is brought out best when you cook them. Slice the bulbs and saute’ them slowly to caramelize and use in soups and dressings or as a garnish for fish and meat dishes. Or brush with oil and your seasonings of choice before grilling them over a low fire for half an hour. Torpedo onions are more fragile than their rounder onion kin. To help them last, store them in the refrigerator and try to use them within a week or so.

Let us know your creative ways for dealing with these mystery onions. This can include launching them at one another across the dinner table. We’re not picky.