Muir Ranch

John Muir High School


We are fortunate to be working with many local organizations in Pasadena who support our mission. But Muir Ranch also relies on the generosity and enthusiasm of individual community members. There are many ways in which you can help Muir Ranch thrive; no donation of time or resources is too small. We try to make the most of everything we receive, good will included!


Volunteer your expertise! We are in need of:

Help with website development

Help with gardening and farm upkeep (Master Gardeners, this means you!)

Help with Event Planning

Graphic designers for fliers and marketing materials

To learn more about our available positions, visit our Opportunities page.


Everyday items to help keeps operations running smoothly:

Sweatshirts with hoods and other warm clothing for students


Galoshes and mud shoes

Plastic bags for lettuce

Soap (dish or hand)

Water kettle

Coffee Maker

Garden tools (hand tools especially, like pruners and trowels)

Re-useable bags for CSA distributions (at least 300 grocery size, durable material)

Flower vases and bouquet bags and tags

Canning equipment

Kitchen supplies (utensils, pots and pans, spatulas, mixing bowls, cutting boards etc.)

Hats and visors for sunny days

Bug spray




Larger items:

“Muir Ranch” banner

A large dehydrator to make dried fruits (or two smaller, industrial strength dehydrators, such as Excalibur brand)

Garden tool organizer

Large bookshelf

Filing cabinet or locker


Water cooler


Greenhouse (or the materials to build one)

Pizza Oven (or the materials to build one)


Check back for additional hopes and dreams–maybe you can help make them a reality.