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What’s in Season?

We are lucky in that we live in Southern California, where many foods are able to grow for longer periods of time throughout the year. That being said, much of the food is not necessarily produced locally, nor is it in season when we eat it.¬†Many of us who live in urban areas may find it difficult to feel connected to the seasons… In supermarkets, produce is available year-round regardless of whether it’s in season or where it was produced.

Here at Muir Ranch, we strive to educate students about where their food comes from (the ground!) and when certain foods are ripe. We would like to extend this education to you, as well.¬†Knowing what is in season can help you eat locally. When you go to the supermarket in February and see a red tomato, you can bet it wasn’t grown nearby. So if you have ever wondered what is in season when, check out this handy chart:


Keep in mind that growing seasons vary by year depending on the weather. These are just guidelines: what you can expect to find in your CSA shares and local farmers markets each month.

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