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February 7, 2015
by elissa oblath

Muir Ranch Valentine’s Day Flowers


This Valentine’s Day share the love with our Spread The Love floral arrangements!


Pre-ordering is now available for 100-percent local bouquets that includes Muir Ranch-grown annuals, perennials, herbs and foliage, as well as flowers sourced from other farms in Southern California. The student bouquets come in two sizes and must be ordered by Feb. 12 for delivery within a 15-mile radius of Pasadena. On-site pickup is available 9 a.m.-Noon on Feb. 14. Order your flowers today!


Medium bouquet in a standard glass vase, $65 delivered.

Large bouquet in a galvanized pail, $85 delivered.

As seen in the LA Times! Thanks Debra Prinzing


June 7, 2014
by admin

You’re invited to Muir Ranch – Farm To Table Fundraising… 

Today is the day. Our first longtable farm dinner of 2014. Chef Ann Gentry is our chef and we are honoring the work of school garden hero Tomas O’Grady of EnrichLA. The weather stands to be pitch perfect 70 degree June gloom!Tickets are available online via eventbrite and we are looking at a good crowd tonight. The proceeds of the dinner support our intern salaries as teaching kids how to be effective, onsite workers is a “learning curve.”If you’ve been a volunteer or customer at the ranch we’d really love you to come. At this point we’ve covered expenses and may actually raise some funds. Woohoo. Eureka! We’d rather have your company than leftovers so the eventbrite discount code for $20 off is: summerjobsFitting right? So if you’ve been waiting to buy tickets or would like to bring a date, friend or family. Do so. If you have kids… email me at and I will let you know about availability so you can bring them for free. The eventbrite link is here Bring your appetite, comfortable clothes and shoes (hey, it’s a farm) and don’t be surprised if you end up with flowers to take home (or put on your head). Oh boy!

May 14, 2014
by admin

Muir Ranch Heads to #dtla with LA Mayor Garcetti

May’s plugmob, our seedling giveaway, is on the road. We’re making 30-50,000 plants available to school, community and neighborhood gardens on the south lawn of LA City Hall this Friday, May 16 with our new partner, the Office of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.

We always been open to schools across LA County. But with summer vacation almost here beautifying everywhere just made sense. Lord knows we have the plants and in So. Cal. things grow like crazy. We start at 4 and go ’til we run out of plants. Bring bags, labels and boxes; we can’t grow those for you. Names are important if they are important to you. “Cayenne” or “Cal Wonder Bell” pepper?” Ummhmm.

Parking is nearby in public lots in Little Tokyo. And yes, you can fit 1,000 plants in a reusable grocery bag on the train or bus or bike bag.

We hope to return this fall with a mega event, but your support now as a volunteer, donor and csa customer is always appreciated. There’s over 5,000 acres of asphalt in LA schools alone, we’re going to have a lot of work to do for a long while as we seek to give every kid the chance to grow a tomato and sunflower.




February 2, 2014
by admin

Touchdown! #Gardenchat and #Supersowsunday Step Up for School Gardens Across the US.

Every year #gardenchat bloggers, writers, garden marketing co. reps, and yeah, gardeners spend their Super Bowl doing what plant nerds might be expected to do: garden. Specifically, the group discusses the season appropriate topic of starting seeds for SPRING! Hence #supersowsunday.

At the speed of social media, fearless #gardenchat diva @bg_garden asked for input from this farmer/teacher and he quipped, “Why doesn’t everyone in the industry/garden world start plug trays for local schools?” Yeah, why not. So here it is gardenistas, your opportunity to support your local farm to school program with something that kids and their teachers need: seedlings. AND hey it’s something you, and all of us gardeners, have.

So in the comments of this blog all you have to do is pick your local school district. Yes, district, as there’s not always a plant nerd at each school but 3 or 30 schools has a sure match.

Commit to a number of seedlings and when they’ll be available. List your @twitter ID and city/state and one of our Muir Ranch interns will be putting everyone in touch. It’s an awesome senior project for my kids and kids across the countryto get plants! Touchdown!!!